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“Leadership is not only about today, it’s also about tomorrow. In this context, tomorrow can be the hereafter yet it is not separated from today. This is where the continuum comes into play and Muslim leaders’ mindset must have that “futuristic” outlook. As the Islamic worldview focuses on al-akhirat at the end of the day it does not neglect the dunya – and the search for the balance.

“There must always be a balance between the future and the present, and this balance will be the linchpin in an intellectual discourse among scholars, professionals and students within the context of the mizan as far as the Quran is concerned,” said YBhg Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli A Razak, Member of ICIFE International Advisory Board to MARA Postgraduate students at the Auditorium of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UniRazak) Kuala Lumpur campus last Sunday 09 October 2016.

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In tandem with this, “leadership” has been variously defined, with criteria and traits attached to it. But for Tan Sri Dzul, “there are two things that I value most – humility and values. This will be the thrust. Leadership is also like as a vehicle that takes people from one point to another – and hopefully to a place which is better. So, it is a point of action rather than a point of position.”

Tan Sri Dzul  was a speaker at Leadership Brand Lecture Series organized by UniRazak- MARA Postgraduates Cohort 2016. Among invited guests present at the Lecture were Ambassador Dr. Bubaker Almansori, ICIFE International Advisory Board Member & Chair of North Africa Chapter and Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom, ICIFE Director & Exco who’s also UniRazak GSB Adjunct Faculty.

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Tan Sri Dzul went on to say, “Balanced Leadership is mizan leadership. According to Syed Naquib al-Attas, “leadership is a trust – “amanah,” and this is balanced between being responsible and being accountable to manage life as a whole, not just partially, or selectively. In managing changes, you also need to manage the “permanent” because not everything changes.

“The trial Workshop on the Concept of Balanced Leadership Model (BLM) has successfully been conducted for young and matured students leaders of UniRazak-Babson College Exchange Programs & GBS; IIUM; MMU and Armed Forces Defense College under the Ministry of Defense.”

In this context, Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education commissioned Prof Tan Sri Dzulkifli and Team to design and conduct a 4-day & 3-night residential training on Balanced Leadership Model (BLM) which is a prerequisite attendance for all Deans & Deputy Deans, Directors & Deputy Directors of Academic Centres, Directors & Deputy Directors of Polytechnics and Heads of Academic Departments . BLM maiden training code named Module AL 404 will be held at AKEPT from 30 October – 2 November 2016.

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In conclusion Tan Sri Dzul said,”United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki moon recognizes that our generation will be the first to end the poverty in the year 2030, is the leadership ready for this? The reality is there is no Plan B because we do not have Planet B. We just need to live within the current limits and it is very difficult to see whether we can do until and unless we change the concept of leadership, the mindset that is built into it and the type of action that we will take to move forward. So, why can’t we contribute our own home grown balance leadership model (BLM) based on Qalb leadership theory from the heart which is also profound in Islam?”

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