The Global Body for Professional Certification and Accreditation for Islamic Finance Education

ICIFE aims to increase and maintain the professionalism of the educators in Islamic Finance field at the national and international level.


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  • To be the Premier global organization for providing dynamic leadership in quality assurance and enhancement of Islamic Finance Education worldwide.
  • To make significant contributions to the intellectual domains of Islamic Finance and other relevant fields of professional practice.
  • To design and develop world class curriculum for Islamic Finance Education.
  • To review and update Islamic Finance curriculum continuously for being relevant to market needs
  • To develop training modules for knowledge and skills development of talents for teaching and training students and professionals in Islamic finance.
  • To offer professional development and certification programs to academics and practitioners in the field of Islamic Finance.
  • To develop and implement a globally recognized accreditation program for Islamic Finance courses & programs.
  • To organize professional and scholarly conferences, seminars, symposia, colloquia and other forums for sharing knowledge and professional experience in Islamic Finance.
  • To publish text and reference books, journals, magazines, newsletter and disseminate those to the relevant people.

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This professional recognition will lend credence to your position and stature as a practitioner or an academician, particularly for your upward mobility in your workplace or for your future career advancement in related institutions locally or globally.

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Be continually updated on current degree level and post-graduate programmes conducted by ICIFE members and its associates.

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